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3 reasons to apply tensor threads to your face

3 reasons to apply tensor threads to your face

Have you ever thought you needed a facial to improve your appearance? Tensor threads, also known as “magic threads,” are the closest procedure to a facelift without surgery. At D-CLINIK, we are the Doral aesthetic clinic you are looking for to perform this effective and minimally invasive treatment. Want to know why you should use this method?

We use a completely biocompatible, resorbable, and safe material for the patient to perform the tensor sutures procedure. Tensor threads are one of the best alternatives to improve the appearance of the face. D-CLINIK specialists will tell you the reasons for using tensor threads in your face.


Benefits of tensor threads on the face

Lifting effect

Applying tensor threads to your face gives you a lifting effect without surgery and quickly. Would you like to have these results? Contact your D-CLINIK specialists to apply this technique. We are the regenerative clinic in Doral you are looking for.

Vital appearance on your skin

Thanks to the tensor threads, you will obtain smoother, more elastic, and vital skin. In addition, its application stimulates the production of collagen, thus improving the results over time.

Imperfection reduction

Finally, D-CLINIK tensor threads guarantee a more beautiful appearance of the skin, reducing the “details” that people do not like very much such as the nasolabial fold, small wrinkles, and sagging skin.


Who are ideal candidates for this treatment?

The tensor threads are ideal for people with facial laxity caused by the passage of time. This procedure is applied directly to the face to lift the eyebrows and cheekbones, improving the nasolabial fold and barcode, combating the double chin, reaffirming the neck, and generally rejuvenating the skin, leaving it smoother, more elastic, and radiant.

After the tensor thread treatment in Doral, the face is smoother and more stylized. Since it is a minimally invasive technique, it is only necessary to use an anesthetic cream on the area.

Are you interested in Doral facelift surgery? Your D-CLINIK team is here to help you with this and other regenerative procedures in Doral. We are your trusted medical spa, contact us today!