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5 areas of the face where Botox is commonly used 

5 areas of the face where Botox is commonly used 

Without a doubt, one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments is Botox, a protein that works by relaxing the treated muscles, temporarily preventing the contraction of those muscles that cause wrinkles or expression lines.

Almost any area of the face can be treated with Botox. However, at D-CLINIK, we would like to share with you the most common areas of Botox application in Doral:

Areas where Botox is commonly used on the face


Botox is a popular treatment in Doral for age-related forehead wrinkles.

Frown lines

Botox is popular in Doral because it can reduce the appearance of glabellar lines (known as the “11 lines”) that form between the eyes.

Corners of the eye

Similarly, Botox is a treatment that, when used properly, can soften the wrinkles and fine lines known as crow’s feet. Are you looking for excellent results in a short amount of time? Contact us at D-CLINIK, your medical spa in Doral, and let us pamper you!

Corners of the mouth

Another common area of Botox application in Doral is the mouth, as it can reduce frown lines and the so-called sad smile (marionette lines).

Chin and jaw

Last but not least, expression lines on the chin and jaw stand out. As your medical spa in Doral, at D-CLINIK we use Botox treatment to reduce the “orange peel” effect (dimples) on the chin and square jaw and bruxism (teeth grinding) in the masseter muscles. 

We hope that this information is of help to you and that if you intend to apply Botox in Doral, you will contact us so that we can enhance your natural beauty.