Aesthetic treatments for children at D-CLINIK – D-CLINIK

Aesthetic treatments for children at D-CLINIK

Aesthetic treatments for children at D-CLINIK

Throughout life, people may need to resort to many kinds of treatments to care for their health and skin. For example, skin problems are very common during childhood and adolescence. Therefore, it’s not superfluous to resort to specialized facial aesthetic procedures for your people. At the D-CLINIK, we have alternatives that will help them to have a clean and healthy appearance.

At D-CLINIK, your medical spa in Doral, we offer treatments for children as young as six years old. We also offer treatments for pre-teens and teenagers. It’s important to note that for any of these procedures, children must be accompanied by a duly authorized representative who must sign a written consent form.

Do you want to know what aesthetic treatments for children and adolescents we offer at D-CLINIK? Let us tell you!


Services and Treatments for Children and Adolescents

Acne treatment

We understand that acne can be a common and embarrassing problem for many young people.

Our Doral Aesthetic Clinic offers a special teen and children’s skincare service in Doral. This service includes:

  • In-home skin care assessment, diagnosis, and educational consultation for children and adolescents.
  • Complete skin care program for all skin types using cosmetic products.
  • Weekly professional skin care cleansing in Doral.

Monthly deep cleansing

In addition to the special attention that children’s and teenagers’ skin needs, monthly deep cleansing is essential to maintain a clean and well-cared-for complexion. At D-CLINIK in Doral, we specialize in this type of procedure for children.

Corrective treatments

We offer probiotic acne services for teens and preteens in Doral, as well as treatments for sensitive skin and rosacea.


Fibroblast treatment for children is ideal for the removal of warts and skin tags. At your Doral medical spa, D-CLINIC, we know that these procedures on children and teens can help improve the self-esteem and confidence of young people suffering from skin problems like acne, sun spots, and blemishes.

If you would like to learn more about cosmetic skin treatments for children and teenagers, D-CLINIK, an aesthetic clinic in Doral, can advise you! Contact us today!