Deep Facial Cleansing (monthly care) – D-CLINIK


This professional medical treatment includes a complete and exhaustive deep facial cleansing. We start with the application of professional cosmetologist products to remove make-up and cleanse the skin of impurities related to the natural environment. Then, we proceed to perform the opening of the pores through Oxonotherapy and vaporized oxygen therapy directed on the client's skin, neck, and décolleté. In combination with the activation of exfoliating products with descaling and lightening enzymes that open the channels to carry out deep extractions without damaging the skin.

We use advanced professional equipment to perform ultrasound cleansing, manual, and mechanical extractions. We apply bactericidal and decongestant products and appliances to eliminate bacteria, close pores, decongest, and reduce inflammation of the skin after extractions. Once the skin is decongested, we apply and penetrate nourishing, regenerative and corrective serums according to each skin type. We apply professional collagen masks with active ingredients and finish with rehydration and sun protection.