Dermaplaning – D-CLINIK


Dermaplaning is the favorite treatment in the entertainment industry, among models and actresses.

  • Dermaplaning is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the controlled mechanical removal of cells from the most superficial layers of the skin.
  • A surgical scalpel is used to gently scrape away the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion.
  • As a result of this exfoliation, cell regeneration and increased collagen production occurs.
  • Sessions are painless and no recovery is needed.
  • May cause slight redness or skin tightness.
  • You can return to normal activity immediately, just use sunscreen after the session.
  • It can be performed from the age of 20 with no age limit for both men and women.
  • The younger the patient is, its effect is preventive and the results will be less noticeable than an older patient.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • Removes layers of dead skin cells to reveal luminous skin.
  • Hair removal (baby hair, peach fuzz, lanugo).
  • Enhances the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of scars.
  • Refines the epidermis.
  • Can be done on skin with Rosacea.
  • Can be done on all Fitzpatricks.
  • Skin is left smooth and even and make-up glides on smoothly .


  • For all skin types except acneic skin.
  • Excellent for clients with noticeable hair on the mustache or other facial area, who do not want to undergo laser or waxing.
  • Photoaging (actinic damage).
  • Acne sequelae.
  • Superficial dyschromias or hyperpigmentation.
  • Fine wrinkles.
  • Can be done on rosacea.
  • It is a great treatment for pregnant or breastfeeding women who want exfoliation without the risk of absorbing chemicals into their bloodstream that could harm the baby.
  • Treatment results in refined, smooth, and luminous looking skin.