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What is bodytite?

What is bodytite?

Are you considering a cosmetic treatment to improve your appearance and reduce fat and sagging, but do not want to undergo invasive surgery? At D-CLINIK we offer you a special treat: bodytite, a safe and effective alternative to eliminate fat and loose skin without surgery. Want to know more?

Bodytite is a cosmetic treatment that consists of liposuction without surgery. It is common for many people to consider bodytite to improve their appearance because it is minimally invasive and its application is not complicated. In fact, at D-CLINIK we use bipolar heat on the dermis, adipose tissue, and subcutaneous connective tissue.

In addition to being a non-surgical procedure, bodytite treatment in Doral can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It also requires only local anesthesia, is painless, and leaves no scars. At D-CLINIK, we are experts in this technique and have all the necessary permits to perform bodytite in Doral. We are the alternative you are looking for as an aesthetic clinic in Doral, we tell you more about it below!

What is bodytite?

The bodytite method works in three dimensions on the areas that are needed. On the one hand, it contracts the muscle fiber. And on the other hand, it coagulates and sucks the fat. Finally, the entire tissue in the area is tightened. The result is that the bodytite method works very well to improve appearance.

In our experience as a medical spa in Doral using bodytite, we can summarize that it is a minimally invasive radiofrequency lipolysis performed by radiofrequency. Therefore, it is ideal for men or women who want to improve their appearance and bring harmony to their bodies without having to undergo surgery with major scarring.

In this sense, those who seek bodytite as an alternative in Doral are usually patients who:

  • Do not have severe cases of skin looseness for which a dermo-lipectomy (abdominoplasty or facelift) is not indicated.
  • Do not want to undergo more invasive surgery due to fear or medical problems.
  • Cannot undergo liposuction due to insufficient fat deposits.

Advantages over other treatments

Undoubtedly, the fact that bodytite is not surgery may cause some concern. However, compared to other treatments that achieve the same effects, it has the following advantages:

– The cannulas are finer and more precise than traditional cannulas, which makes it possible to treat very specific areas (knees, cheeks, neck, inner thighs, etc.).

– The scars are extremely small. A minimal incision is required to insert the cannula.

– Does not require hospitalization (outpatient procedure).

– Painless recovery.

– Results are progressive up to 6 months. However, they can be noticed during recovery.

– It is a complementary treatment to other surgical techniques such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, tightening, or breast lift.

Are you interested in using this method to improve your appearance? Do you think that bodytite is a good alternative in Doral? Contact the specialists at D-CLINIK to improve your appearance and feel much better about yourself.