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What’s the ideal skincare routine for oily skins?

What’s the ideal skincare routine for oily skins?

High sebum production represents oily skin, and usually, it can be identified with shiny areas over the central parts of the face, especially in the forehead and nose. Occasioning pore dilatation and thus, thicker skin. In the most severe cases, it can be felt as a layer of fat when touching the skin.


Causes of Severe Oily Skin: Hormonal changes, diet, weather, misusing of facial cleanser products, genetics, medicines, among others.


For this reason, at D-CLINIK we bring you some recommendations, so you can acquire an appropriate skincare routine for this skin type.


  1. Daily cleansing: With neutral and not oil-based products, you could apply different cosmetics to clean your face every morning, and thus, eliminate all tracks of the night produced oil, or even do the same procedure every night, to eliminate all tracks of impurities or makeup on your face.
  2. Application of a tonic after cleansing: This product will help you hydrate your skin and remove anything that wasn’t able to be eliminated previously with facial cleansing, the tonic will be in charge of finishing the cleaning process. Besides, it will help you close your pores and give you a fresh feeling on your skin.
  3. Skin hydration: It is recommended to use creams and serums that are adequate to your skin type or even, according to your age. In oily skins, there is a bigger tendency of having bags under the eyes, and that’s why it is recommended to apply the cream in the eye contour, to activate and prevent the formation of these bags.
  4. Skin exfoliation: It is recommended that this particular step is made once or twice a week. In that way, all the impurities, oil, and dead cells could be thoroughly eliminated.
  5. Sunscreen: One of the most important steps to be considered on a daily routine, and is that with it, you could protect your skin from sunlight, which could produce up to hyperpigmentation of spots.
  6. Go to D-CLINIK: in our Aesthetic Center, we can provide you with the best attention and service according to your needs. We even have all types of treatments for this skincare with weekly, monthly and corrective facial hydrations, and the most innovative; SaltFacial therapy.


Our face is our presentation letter. That’s why we recommend to do all the steps and take the proper care of your skin and look for a better profile.


If you want more information about our services, schedule an appointment through our web, or even, call our office.


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